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Building bridges, not walls

NEAR will be present at the next professional elections of the EEAS

The vote for the 2015 professional elections of the EEAS Staff Committee was nullified by the Court of Justice. New elections will take place at the end of the year, starting on 25 November.

The trade unions forming the NEAR you list will once again be present to stand up for your rights.

NEAR has the will and the capacity to act:

  • For a strong, competent European civil service that is the mouthpiece for the EU in the world
  • In defence of the rights and interests of all colleagues, whatever their status and category, against insecurity and discrimination
  • For a constructive social dialogue to guarantee career prospects and professional development for all, including our colleagues who are local Agents and Contract Agents, at headquarters or in delegations
  • For fair and negotiated application of the Staff Regulations

List presented by :

NEAR you, a united and representative list of committed, competent and accessible candidates

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