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To EEAS staff: Get your Interparking Abonnement now ! - 2012, mars 8

To EEAS staff: Get your Interparking Abonnement now !

Urgent: Get your Interparking Abonnement now !!!

Dear Member of SFE
working at EEAS,

SFE wants to remind you that the administration of EEAS rented 600 parking places at the car park below the Rue de la Loi, which are now available!

As you know the future EEAS HQ building at Rond point Schuman has only around 200 own parking places. Therefore 600 additional places have been rented and the abonnements are now distributed. The procedure is very simple ! You just go to the Control room in the subground at the corner Rue de la Loi/Rue des deux églises and ask there for your EEAS parking abonnement card. You have to fill a form, show your EEAS service card and you will have your parking access card!

At the moment the car park is open every day from 6.30h until 22.00h. In near future, it is intended to keep the car park open around the clock. Pl., find additional information in the attached folder.

Our recommendation is: Go now and get your parking card, before the stock is empty !

Ferdinand Kopp

Your Trade Union at EEAS

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